The SC C6 consists of a Chairman, a Secretary, 24 regular members, 12 observer members and 39 experts. Terms of Reference of Working Bodies can be found in the "Official SC documents" page. Membership of Working Bodies can be found in the "Membership" page.

Chair:       Britta Buchholz (Germany)        

Secretary: Christine Schwaegerl (Germany)

Advisory Groups

AG C6.01Strategic Advisory GroupBritta Buchholz (Germany)Permanent
AG C6.12Tutorial Advisory GroupTrevor GAUNT (South Africa)2006 -
AG C6.17 Adriaan Zomers (the Netherlands)2009 - 2016
AG C6.23 Alex Baitch (Australia)2010 - 2011

Working Groups - Task Forces

RefTitleConvenor Duration
(Creation - Disbanding)
WG C6.04Connection and Protection Practices for Dispersed GenerationNikolaos HATZIARGYRIOU (Greece)2003 - 2005
TF C6.04.02Computational Tools and Techniques for Analysis, Design and Validation of Distributed Generation SystemsKai STRUNZ (USA)2003 - 2009
WG C6.05Technical and Economic impact of DG on Transmission and Generation SystemsGoran STRBACK (UK)2003 - 2009
WG C6.08Integration of large share of fluctuating generationHarald WEBER (Germany)2004 - 2009
WG C6.09Demand side responseAlex BAITCH (Australia)2004 - 2009
WG C6.11Development and operation of active distribution networksChristian D'ADAMO (Italy)2006 - 2010
WG C6.15Electric Energy Storage SystemsZbigniew Antoni STYCZYNSKI (Germany)2007 - 2009
WG C6.16Technologies employed in rural electrificationTrevor Gaunt (South Africa)2008 - 2010
WG C6.19 Fabrizio Pilo (Italy)2010 - 2012
WG C6.20 Joao Pecas Lopes (Portugal)2010 - 2012
WG C6.21 Eduardo Navarro (Spain)2010 - 2016
WG C6.22 Chris Marnay (USA)2010 - 2016
WG C6.23 Alex Baitch (Australia)2011 - 2016
WG C6.24Capacity of Distribution Feeders for Hosting DER (pdf, 14kB)  Stavros Papathanassiou (GR) 2011 - 2014
JWG C6.25/B5/CIRED  Giuiseppe Mauri (ITALY) 2011 - 2016


Birgitte Bak-Jensen(Denmark)


2011 - 2014

WG C6.27  Britta Buchholz (Germany) 2012 - 2016
WG C6.28 Ravi Seethapathy (Canada)2014 - 2016
JWG C4/C6.29  Jeff Smith (USA)2012 - 2016
WG C6.30 Nikos Hatziargyriou (Greece)2014 - 2016
WG C6.31 Zhao Ma (China)2015 - 2017
JWG C6/D2.32 Yasuo MATSUURA, (Japan)2015 - 2017
JWG C2/C6.36 Yasuo MATSUURA, (Japan)2015 - 2017