The main Targets to be pursued are:
  • Develop new (for CIGRE) know-how in the field of Distribution System and Dispersed Generation
  • Identify the main needs of the SC Target Groups
  • Develop technical analysis on the impact of DG to support National Bodies in developing policies
  • Integrate in the SC new members who have no experience of the organisation and of the activity of CIGRE, also coming from professional areas before not considered in CIGRE (for instance, distribution utilities)
  • Involve people from developing countries
  • Promote the name of the SC in non-traditional (for CIGRE) areas
  • Establish links with other bodies active in the field of the SC



The SC is undertaking actions for application in a short term perspective just to meet the immediate expectation. Considering the novelty and some revolutionary aspect of the above said subjects, the SC is also investigating on problems whose solution may be envisaged in a longer term perspective.

SC actions in a short term perspective
  • Status of DG existing technologies and assessment of DG economics.
  • Integration of DG in distribution network; DG energy management and trading.
  • Contribution of DG to ancillary services.
  • Rural electrification (extension of distribution networks, village power)
  • Use of storage and DSM
SC actions in a medium term perspective
  • Expectation of performances of innovative DG systems and storage devices
  • Study of active distribution networks with high penetration of DG
  • Dispersed automated control systems. Use of ICT for DG.
  • Impact of high penetration on planning and operation of generation + transmission systems.