WG C6.31 Medium Voltage Direct Current (MVDC) Grid Feasibility Study


The objective of this Working Group is to investigate the needs and feasibility of building MVDC grids.  A large amount of data and information will be collected during the life of the WG and is expected to be of benefit to the future WGs which will look further into the details of some of the topics of MVDC grids. 

The following specific activities will be undertaken by the working group:

1. Global survey on needs of MVDC grids globally, highlighting the drivers, motivation, policy, Strategies and planning for MVDC grids in different countries and regions.

2. Summary and review of the status/milestone, projects (if any) and R&D studies so far having been carried out internationally with regards to the benefits which MVDC can offer.

3. MVAC network expansion, operation and motivation of MVDC Grids
   3.1       Historical practice of MVAC network expansion and operation
   3.2       Motivation and applications of MVDC Grids
   3.3       Technical and economic comparison of MVAC and MVDC grids
   3.4       Technical and economic comparison of HVDC, MVDC and micro DC grids
   3.5       Summary and review of benefits offered by a MVDC grid
   3.6       Impacts of MVDC grids on AC distribution networks

4. MVDC grid configurations and planning
   4.1       Review of different grid configurations between HVDC and MVDC
   4.2       MVDC grid topologies for different applications
   4.3       System earthing
   4.4       Recommended DC voltages

Convenor: Zhao Ma (China)