WG C6.22 Microgrids

Topics elaborated within the WG 'Microgrid Evolution Roadmap

1. Definition and Clarification of Microgrid Concept: What is a Microgrid? How is it different from other concepts such as (Commercial or Technical) Virtual Power Plants (VPP), Active Distribution Networks, etc. ?
2. Market and Regulatory Settings for Microgrids: How can a Microgrid become profitable? Who owns and/or operates it?
3. Control Elements and Control Methods of a Microgrid: How is a Microgrid operated? What control technologies are available and which still need further development? Is islanding preferable? What kind of alternative technologies such as short and long term storage facilities and demand side management is required to support islanding operation?
4. Justification of Microgrid Deployment:
Why are Microgrid needed? What kind of social, technical, environmental and commercial benefits of Microgrid operation benefits can it offer at national and international level?
5. Microgrids evolution roadmap including electricity infrastructure replacement scenarios: Which business models will be most suited for Microgrid operation? What advantages of wide deployment of Microgrids can be quantified.