WG C6.21 Smart Metering – state of the art, regulation, standards and future requirements


1. To report on regulatory approaches in different countries (applicable standards, AMI deployment agenda, principal requirements and objectives...).
2. To make a map of the state of the art around the world with the AMI actually on-going or in progress and assess the different standards and architectures already used compared to others (communication technologies with emphasis on PLC solutions, interoperability, communication protocols and data structures).
3. Review the most widely used communication standards and protocols (e.g. IEEE/IEC, Zigbee, Homeplug, Wifi etc.) and make observations and recommendations. Both interoperability and security are important aspects to consider.
4. Testing procedures already used for AMI.
5. Collect functionality requirements of the smart meters considering customer needs in the future and make a gap analysis. Home energy management systems and the connection of smart appliances, loads and plug-in hybrid vehicles are closely related to smart metering. Recommendations in this area will be important to help guide policy makers, utilities and manufacturers.