WG C6.20 Integration of electric vehicles in electric power systems

The following topics will be elaborated within the WG:

1. To identify the impacts of a massive integration of EVs in the future transmission and distribution electricity grids. These impacts refer to load consumption profiles, generation schedules, power flow patterns (network losses, congestion levels and voltage profiles), power quality and CO2 emissions. The potential use of EVs to increase intermittent RES penetration will be examined.
2. To identify potential smart control approaches to be adopted by system operators, based on smartgrid concepts, to allow the deployment of EV without major changes in the existing network and power system infrastructures. Recommendations on potential standardization of technologies (network interface, metering, communication etc.) will be developed;
3. To address the impacts on generation and grid infrastructures planning, evaluating at the same time the required/deferred investments due to the simultaneous presence of intermittent RES and EV in the grid;
4. To identify the most appropriate ways to include EV into electricity markets, including an evaluation of how smart metering should take the presence of EV into account;
5. To collect practical experience from utilities, pilot projects and studies on the impact of integrating EV into the grid.
6. To collect information on standardization efforts for EV charging systems and interfaces.
7. To identify the required study models and analytical tools needed to evaluate the impact of large scale EV
CIGRE Study Committee C6, «Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation»
penetration on the electrical system.
8. To identify the charging and discharging capability of battery technology being proposed in the vehicles of the future and the potential requirements of customers to identify gaps and opportunities. (e.g. rapid charging (5 minutes or less), intermediate charging (i.e. at shopping malls), slow overnight charging)
9. To collect information from utilities and manufacturers related to technology, regulatory and support mechanisms for EV and to develop a forecast for adoption of this technology.