JWG C6/D2.32 Utilization of data from smart meter system


The aim of this WG is to provide an overview of data utilization, to integrate and organize the values, tasks, and approaches to be taken, and to make a proposal to the electric power utilities and associated market participants.

The following topics will be elaborated within this WG: Review general outlines, specifications and deployment plans of smart meter system based on the work done by WG C6.21.

- General outlines of smart meter system in each country, area or company

- Summary of examples on how smart meter data has been already utilized


- Needs and ideas of the utilization of data from smart meter system

- Tasks in order to realize such needs and ideas

- Technologies and co-ordinated systems required to realize such needs and ideas

- Actual evaluation cases and actual applications of data utilization

- Propose potential use cases in future power systems

Convenor: Yasuo MATSUURA, Japan