AG C6.23 Advisory Group on Terminology


In the last years there has been increasing interest in the installation and operation of dispersed generation resources, i.e. generation and storage sources of relatively small size connected at the distribution level. At the same time the customer is assuming an ever increasing active role in the power system operation facilitated by new smart devices even at household level. These new forms of generation and customer participation have brought significant changes in the power system planning and operation methods and as a result they have been the focus of significant research efforts. The development of new concepts and ideas have inevitably caused new terms, sometimes overlapping, sometimes not widely understood and accepted. This causes confusion and sometimes misunderstandings in the engineering and scientific community.

Scope :

The AG is aimed to establish a worldwide accepted glossary of terms and definitions related to the SC C6 activities.
These activities include :
1. The whole range of distributed resources including storage,
2. The active participation of the customer
3. The changes brought in the operation and control of the distribution networks, i.e. their evolution from passive to active components of the power system.