WG Area


WG C6.30 Battery electric storage systems

Complementing and updating earlier work carried out by the WG C6.15 (Electric Energy Storage Systems), the specific objectives of this WG will be:

 1. Review international practices and classify BESS technologies, structures (layouts) and applications for the grid and for the market with emphasis on the distribution networks (peak shaving, frequency regulation, voltage support, capacity firming, ramping support, power quality, demand response, etc.)

2. Provide insight on experiences in pilot installations at the distribution level.

3. Elaborate guidelines on the integration of BESSs into distribution networks of up to 132 kV.

4. Use cases

5. Relate and coordinate the report with existing (and under development by IEC/CIGRE/IEEE) guidelines and standards for BESSs.

WG C6.31 Medium Voltage Direct Current (MVDC) Grid Feasibility Study


The objective of this Working Group is to investigate the needs and feasibility of building MVDC grids.  A large amount of data and information will be collected during the life of the WG and is expected to be of benefit to the future WGs which will look further into the details of some of the topics of MVDC grids. 

JWG C6/D2.32 Utilization of data from smart meter system


The aim of this WG is to provide an overview of data utilization, to integrate and organize the values, tasks, and approaches to be taken, and to make a proposal to the electric power utilities and associated market participants.