TC Awards

The Technical Committee Award is granted each year to a few CIGRE Members as a reward for their remarkable technical contribution.

C6 Receipient's Name and Country are:  

2014: Tsutomu Omaya (Japan)

2013: Britta Buchholz (Germany), Stavros Papathanassiou (Greece)

2012: Joao Pecas Lopes (Portugal)

2011: Zbigniew Stystynski (Germany)

2010: Stefano Barsali (Italy)

2009: Eduardo Navarro (Spain)

2008: David Jacobson (Canada)

2007: Kurt Kaltenegger (Switzerland)

2006: Alex Baitch (Australia)

2005: Bernd Michael Buchholz (Germany)

2004: Trevor Gaunt (South Africa)

2003: Marc Stubbe (Belgium)