Technical Brochures

Technical Brochures and Reports are the result the work of Study Committees.
Over 450 Publications from SCs are listed in the technical library of CIGRE and can be supplied in paper form or downloaded.

SC C6 has published the following Technical Brochures:
  • Technical Brochure 271, 2005, “Connection of Generators and other Customers - rules and practices”, final report of WG C6.02
  • Technical Brochure 311, 2007, "Operating dispersed generation with ICT (Information & Communication Technology)", final report of WG C6.03
  • Technical Brochure 313, 2007, "Connection criteria at the distribution network for distributed generation", final report of TF C6.04.01
  • Technical Brochure 423, 2010, "Technical and Commercial Standardisation of DER / microGrid Components", final report of WG C6.10
  • Technical Brochure 450, 2011, "Grid Integration of Wind Generation", ELECTRA, February 2011, final report of WG C6.08
  • Technical Brochure 457, 2011, "Development and operation of active distribution networks", final report of WG C6.11
  • Technical Brochure 458, 2011, "Electric Energy Storage Systems", final report of WG C6.15
  • Technical Brochure 475, 2011, "Demand Side Integration", final report of WG C6.09
  • Technical Brochure 527, 2013, "Coping with Limits for Very High Penetrations of Renewable Energy", final report of WG C1/C2/C6.18
  • Technical Brochure 575, 2014, "Benchmark Systems for Network Integration of Renewable and Distributed Energy Resources", final Report of Task Force C6.04.02
  • Technical Brochure 586, 2014, "Capacity of Distribution Feeders for Hosting DER", WG C6.24
  • Technical Brochure 591, 2014, "Planning and Optimization Methods for Active Distribution Systems", final report of WG C6.19
  • Technical Brochure 613, 2015, "Protection of Distribution Systems with Distributed Energy Resources", final report of JWG B5/C6.26/CIRED
  • Technical Brochure 632, 2015, "Integration of electrical vehicles in Electric Power Systems", final report of WG C6.20
  • Technical Brochure 635, 2015, "Microgrids", first report of WG C6.22

To be published soon:

Technical Brochure , 2016, "Smart metering", final report of WG C6.21 - to be published soon

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