ELECTRA is a bimonthly journal, reserved for CIGRE members. It provides information on the results or the progress of the technical activities of CIGRE, on the life of the Association and on the events organised.

SC C6 has published the following papers on ELECTRA:
  • Advisory Strategic Group, "Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation: a New Focus for CIGRE", ELECTRA, February 2004
  • Summary of the final report of WG C6.01, "Development of Dispersed Generation and Consequences for Power Systems”, ELECTRA, August 2004
  • Summary of the Technical Brochure 271 by WG C6.02. "Connection of Generators and other Customers - rules and practices", ELECTRA, April 2005
  • Main conclusion of 2005 South Africa C6 Colloquium “Electrification and dispersed generation: a debate between local and international professional”, ELECTRA, June 2006
  • Summary of the Technical Brochure 311 by WG C6.03. "Operating Dispersed Generation with ICT (Information & Communication Technology)", ELECTRA, February 2007
  • Summary of the Technical Brochure 313 by TF C6.04.01. "Connection criteria at the distribution network for distributed generation", ELECTRA, February 2007
  • Main conclusion of 2007 Malaysia C6 "Colloquium on Electricity for Rural Socio-economic Development", ELECTRA, December 2007
  • WG C6.11 report "Active Distribution Networks: general features, present status of implementation and operation practices", ELECTRA, No. 246, October 2009
  • SC C6 report "The challenge of rural electrification", CIGRE’s strategy and organizational, ELECTRA, No. 245, August 2009
  • Summary of the Technical Brochure 423 by WG C6.10. "Technical and Commercial Standardisation of DER / microGrid Components", ELECTRA, No. 251, August 2010
  • Summary of the Technical Brochure 450 by WG C6.08. "Grid Integration of Wind Generation", ELECTRA, February 2011
  • Summary of the Technical Brochure 458 by WG C6.15. "Electric Energy Storage Systems", ELECTRA, No. 255, April 2011
  • Summary of the Technical Brochure 457 by WG C6.11. "Development and operation of active distribution networks", ELECTRA, No. 255, April 2011
  • CIGRE WG “Network of the Future” Electricity Supply Systems of the future, White paper on behalf of the CIGRE Technical Committee, CIGRE AG "Network of the Future",ELECTRA, No. 256, July 2011
  • Summary of the Technical Brochure 475 by WG C6.09. "Demand Side Integration", ELECTRA, No. 257, August 2011


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