Cigre Sessions

CIGRE organises biennial conferences called “Sessions”. They are held in Paris, in even number years, at dates set by the Administrative Council. Sessions are open to all, members and non members of CIGRE; however, CIGRE members benefit from some advantages: they may put forward papers for presentation at the Session and are entitled to reduced registration fees.

Cigre events

A Symposium is a meeting organised at the initiative of a Study Committee to cater for a certain demand, to examine a particular field with the aim of increasing contributions in this particular field.
Depending upon the nature and the limits of the chosen subject, the technical programme and the organisation of the discussions can either be undertaken by one SC alone or by a leading SC with the collaboration of others. It may also be useful to involve certain International Organisations working in the adjoining fields.
Symposia are open to all experts concerned, whether they are members of CIGRE or not.
Regional Meetings are those in which the participants are from countries located within one geographical area.
The geographical area may be a continent or simply a group of neighbouring countries ; it may coincide or not with one of the Regions defined in Article 17 of the CIGRE Statutes.
The main objective of REGIONAL Meetings is to disseminate information related to CIGRE's international activities (Study Committees, Sessions and Symposia) among experts of the geographical area.
A Colloquium is an occasional meeting for the purpose of discussing in detail a number of defined issues. It is organised by a Study Committee, upon the invitation of a National Committee :The Study Committee handles the technical side, the National Committee handles the practical organisation of the event.

Other events